Industrial trailers

Houcon industrial Trailers are based on a modular componence design concept.  All proven technology systems like: wheel sets, steering systems and suspension systems. A Houcon industrial trailer can be created /engineered  for every purpose and up to 250 tons load capacity. All trailers are for on non-public road only and can be handled with a towing tractor or forklift with sufficient towing capacity. Houcon industrial trailers are designed for heavy duty use and easy and safe operation. Add-on options like brake systems, lights, loading platforms, support frames and safety accessories can be adapt.

Customised quality!

Drawbar trailers one side steering

The trailer will be connected by a drawbar to the trailer coupling of a towing machine, terminal tractor or forklift and will be town and steered by the towing truck. A skilled driver can back-up the trailer while manoeuvring. The drawbar will hold the right coupler height for easy pick-up during connection.

Drawbar trailers two side steering

The trailer can equipped with a two drawbars. One on both ends of the trailer. Both front and rear axles can be steered as well. To shorten the turning radius. From two sides the trailer can be connected to the towing truck for towing and steering. No  need to back-up and the best transport route can be adapt in the logistic operation. The drawbar will hold the right coupler height for easy pick-up during connection.

Turntable, fusee and pivot point steering

Steering system can be select in relation to the required dimensions and load capacity. Turntable steering is a low cost and efficient solution. Fusee steering, equal to the automotive system, for more stability and less wheel space for steering wheels. Pivot point steering in combination with more wheel sets for a better distribution of the weight. All steering systems will be positioned on the front by one side steering and on both sides of the trailer with double steering.

Multi axle systems

Trailers can be equipped with a single or multi axles. Rocker beam tandem systems or mechanical or air suspension systems. Wheels with pneumatic, full rubber tires and press-on / solid tires. Wheel sets with their own specific characteristics and load capacity.

Customised platform

Platform can be designed to the required specification. Steel, wood, , grid, open and with special support stanchions. For transport all kind of constructions, cargo, tools, casting or machinery.  Extra lashing gear around the trailer bed to secure the  freight, service platform or ISO holes can be chosen.