Skeletal trailer

Houcon Skeletal Trailers can be equipped with a single axle, rocker beam tandem system axle and suspension axle(s) system up to 80 tons load capacity. All trailers can be handled with all regular terminal tractors for on non-public road only. Houcon trailers are manufactured from high strength steel main beams and designed with a high safety factor to restrain the impact of heavy duty use. To achieve high productivity, low operational costs and long-lasting live cycle.

Strong, safe and sophisticated!

Bumpcar trailers (corner less)

Corner free container transport. The trailer platform is equipped with container guides, so called “Bumpcar shells”. They will support the 2x 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft container on the side. The crane can drop the container on the chassis and continue to pick up the next one. SATL’s (semi-automatic twist locks) can be removed on the trailer on an ergonomic height. This will speed-up the process.

Container pin location trailers

Container transport on the corner casting. The trailer is equipped with container pins ore twist locks to secure the 2x 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft containers. The corner guides will help the crane driver by positioning of  the containers to increase operation speed.

MTS train

Multi Trailer System train, trailers connect behind each other in a with drawbars or 5th wheel (first trailer). One towing tractor is handling up-to 5 trailers up to-300 tons. 10 TEU in one move. Rail track steering will reduce the steering radius down to 11 m. Less tractor and trailer movements means higher safety and efficiency.

Double stack empty container trailers

2x 40 ft , 4x 20ft or 2x 45ft empty containers on one trailer. Handled on the 5th wheel, with a drawbar or in a MTS train. The containers can be loaded with a empty handler, reach stacker or crane spreader and are hold in position by a hydraulic clamp.

Container Freight Service trailers

Loading and on-loading 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft containers on a loading dock. Due to the low chassis the container can be positioned on the same height as the loading dock. The sturdy parking legs will make sure the trailer remains stable, even without tractor is connected,  during entering the container with a heavy forklift.

General Cargo trailers

Closed platform trailers to transport break bulk. Or multipurpose trailers to handle containers and general cargo.

Dry bulk trailers

Trailers special designed to handle dry bulk. Transport of dry bulk in a fixed kipper bin and to be unloaded by tipping the bin hydraulically. Or in containers on a tilting container frame to load and on-load containers with dry bulk.

Special trailers

Special design skeletal trailers for special cargo or equipment like: coils, tools and machinery.