Houcon Roll Trailers or so-called MAFI trailers or low bed trailers, are equipped with rocker beams, oscillating axles and press-on solid tires to distribute the weight equally over all the wheels up to 250 ton load capacity. For Roll-on Roll-of operation, on the terminal ore industrial use for on non-public road only.

All trailers can be handled with all regular terminal tractors with a separate goose neck, safe neck ore fixed gooseneck with a 5th wheel kingpin. Houcon trailers are manufactured from high strength steel main beams and designed with a high safety factor to restrain the impact of heavy duty use. To achieve high productivity, low operational costs and long-lasting live cycle in a heavy duty operation, day in, day out!

Effective, efficient and everlasting!

General Cargo trailers

Closed platform load deck trailers to transport general cargo break bulk. Extra lashing gear around the trailer bed to secure the  freight for rough sea. ISO holes or collapsible twist locks for multipurpose use.

Container trailers

Open frame trailers to reduce weight for oversea transportation. Equipped with container pins, twist locks or ISO holes to secure all kind of containers. Two stage high for double stack.

Equipment trailers

Equipped with special stanchions and adaptors to support all kind of equipment like, spreaders, gondolas, rescue cages and lifting tools. Add-on options like service platforms, ladders and extra special lashing gear.

Special trailers

Custom made special design trailers for all kind of industry’s like : production, casting, concrete, construction, steel mill, energy , petrochemical, oil, facility services and ………

Gooseneck and safenecks

All 27 ton, 30 ton, 32 ton, 36 ton and 45 ton goosenecks can be handled with all regular terminal tractors with a lifting 5th wheel. Due to the special skids the wear is recused to a minimum and can be replaced during regular maintenance. The Houcon safe neck will lift the trailer hydraulically and press down the front of the 4×4 tractor to increase the traction in a RoRo operation. Standard equipped with safety hooks and add-on option: Parking stands and safety chains. Houcon goosenecks are safe, durable and easy to use for heavy day to day use.