About Houcon

The Houcon Group is an independent organisation specialized in manufacturing, repair, modification, maintenance, buying and selling of port handling equipment, internal transport equipment, hoisting machines and leverages, spare parts for offshore installations and related means of transport.

The services also include lease concepts for RoRo- and Port-trailers.

With offices, representatives and production facilities in Holland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech republic, Sweden, Switzerland, China and Dubai, the Houcon Group has established a global and solid market position since 1986.

Because of our extensive knowledge and years of experience, modern equipment combined with a well-trained workforce, the Houcon Group can come up with technical solutions or develop specific equipment to tackle your specific needs. Needless to say that we work according CE-marking, NEN-safety guidelines and with great care to the environment. Safety, quality, commitment and craftsmanship are paramount in our service to you and guarantee optimum results.

The Houcon Group is a reliable and (brand)independent organisation which strives constantly towards client continuity through partnership and long lasting relationships. We offer a full range of service: from advice and design to realisation, maintenance and management. All this with a multi disciplinary approach managed from one central contact point.

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