RentalWorld is a leasing company offering different types of rolltrailers, goosenecks, port trailers and terminal chassis, cassettes and other port related equipment, within the Houcon Group. Houcon is a well established Group of companies within repair and maintenance programs and manufacturing of various types of port equipment. The Houcon Group is located in Oud Beijerland, south of Rotterdam and with various subsidaries in Europe.

RentalWorld is a member of the Houcon Group and a logical next move to increase the Groups strength and business activities and RentalWorld is in line with our strategy to be a more complete supplier to the market and our valued customers, according to the chairman of the Houcon Group, Richard Houwelling.

Leasing Fleet

We are mainly focused on 40’ rolltrailers with a capacity of 100 ton and skeletal terminal trailers, with or without brakes, with a capacity of 40 – 60 ton. Other types of trailers can be offered upon request.
Specials like gooseneck with parking stand is another type of equipment that can be supplied to our customers both for sale and leasing.

For all leased equipment it is necessary with an agreed standard for what can be considered as acceptable operational condition. Rolltrailers are no exception from that role. The present Rolltrailer Leasing Standard (RLS) has been common practice in the business of rolltrailer leasing since many years now. It is a tool for both Lessees and Lessors to define what needs to be repaired and what can be accepted without repairs.

It is forming a base for the on-hire condition of the rolltrailer when being leased out as well as the off-hire condition upon redelivery at the end of the leasing period. It is a guideline for the repair companies who are taking care of the maintenance and repairs of the rolltrailers.

Leasing Services

RentalWorld-AG is offering various types of long- & short term leasing of rolltrailers and other types of port equipment from key locations like Germany and Benelux, to suit specific requirements from our customers, including finance and lease/purchase arrangements.

We are a small and efficient team with short lead times and are thereby able to offer our clients’ individual services as well as flexible and tailor-made solutions. It is our ambition to always have our customers’ needs and requirements as first priority and immediately respond to any inquiry without delay.

We live after the motto “No business is too small for us and all customers are important”.

RentalWorld values long term business relations and prefer to think of solutions instead of problems. Doing business with us should always be an easy and positive experience for our customers.
You can contact our headoffice direct on telephone nr.  +31 (0)186 620 930 or via email: