Steel preparation

During engineering, all parts will be designed in a way that water pockets will be avoid and that the paint system will reach all of the surfaces of the components.

Prior to paint process all steel components are cleaned, sharp edges are removed and the hole chassis frame will be completely steel shot blasted according to ISO 8501-1.

The whole chassis is airless provided with two layers of coating in a conditioned room.

1st coating

A two component high solid epoxy primer with zinc phosphate, standard with a dry thickness approx. 100 mm.

2nd coating

A two component high solid polyurethane coating with good weather resistance and colour light retention, standard with a dry thickness min. 60 μm. The total dry thickness is standard 160 mm, in any RAL colour combinations required. (if it’s not in conflict with the European processing security rules)
On request, special treatment can be adapted like extra thickness, galvanized or anti-corrosion zincked metal spraying process.