Engineering, research and development and planning

Listening closely to our customers has always been an essential part of our work. Highly trained employees know how to respond quickly and flexibly to all our customers’ needs and are supported in this task by intensive research and development.

We come up with technical solutions or develop specific equipment, but we also develop transport systems and solutions in order to reduce maintenance costs. We can tackle almost anything, as long as it relates to our work.

Work that is carefully thought through and prepared before it is carried out by the project manager and his staff.
Quality, speed and reliability – those are our keywords.

The people
Working at Houcon Construction Services is very dynamic and requires an organization with short communication lines, devoid of bureaucracy. Therefore Houcon Construction Services has well-trained staff with passion for their work. The management thinks and operates on an academic level and has extensive experience in internal transport equipment and cargo handling in general.

We operate the most advanced and leading CAD and computing facilities, and – equally important – have first-class construction fitters, certified welders, experienced assembly technicians and skilled painters. Knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical systems is present.

In addition, we show a major commitment to work with great enthusiasm and motivation.