Houcon Group sponsor Rotterdamse Wielerzesdaagse

Ahoy Rotterdam will again host the world famous cycling event "Zesdaagse van Rotterdam". This has taken take place between 5th - 10th January 2017.

The next event will take place from 4th - 9th January 2018.

Visit www.zesdaagserotterdam.nl for more information.




Houcon Group sponsor of  Dakar Racing Teams

The Dakar 2017 rally has taken place between 2nd - 14th January in South America - in Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia.

You can see the results of the teams via the links below or on the Dakar website.

Dakar Speed Team: www.dakarspeed.nl
Mammoet Rallysport: www.mammoetrallysport.nl
Bernhard ten Brinke Racing: www.bernhardtenbrinke.com


Houcon Group sponsor of KiKa 
KiKa (Children Free of Cancer) raises funds that benefit the seven pediatric cancer centers in the Netherlands.

To be precise: to accelerate research for these centers and develop therapies for better treatment and cure of childhood

cancers. Less pain and struggle. And more healing and quality. That is why KiKa needs your support. Because children with cancer are rather cured yesterday than today.
Visit www.kika.nl for more information.


Houcon Group sponsor of Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds
If you're sick, as a child you want your parents as close o you as possible. And if you have a disability, you want to do the same as other children. The Ronald McDonald House understands that only too well. The Ronald McDonald House has been operating for 25 years for a helping hand to sick or disabled children and their families in the Netherlands. Children with cancer are rather cured yesterday than today.
Visit www.kinderfonds.nl for more information.