Modifications and Revisions

If it is concerning modification and adjustment of new or existing fork-lifts, cranes, earthmovers and other means of transport, Houcon Construction Services turns standard products into custom-made products, specific to the importer, dealer or end-user. This is always cheaper than developing a completely new product for a one-off application.

Houcon Construction Services is often the discussion partner and the party that carries out the work on behalf of the purchaser. Examples are the alteration of fork-lifts, cranes and earthmovers according to customer specifications, adjusting turning circles, shortening masts and so on. 

Modification and overhaul of container spreaders
Houcon Construction Services is big in major maintenance, overhaul and modernisation of container spreaders.
We draw up in advance a plan of action, a proposal for overhaul or where appropriate a proposal for modification in which all the parts of the container spreader are dealt with in turn, so that it can, as it were, start a second life.

Our employees are at home in the field of construction, hydraulics and electrical wiring. Every inspection - where appropriate carried out by a notified body - is passed with flying colours.