Damage Repairs

Analysis, plan of action and repair of structural damage
Houcon Construction Services goes further than just repairing structural damage that arises during work, such as bent masts and chassis. However, a long path generally has to be trodden before we can start. The present state of the damage has to be established and the nature and extent of the damage have to be analysed and established. A plan of action therefore always has to be drawn up.

Because we repair the damage ourselves, we can indicate precisely how we are going to tackle this work. This demands ready knowledge and specialist experience. Houcon Construction Services has employees who have all the skills necessary to apply this knowledge and experience effectively. For this reason, we are the ideal and trusted partner for independent damage claim experts and insurance companies and are able to take care of a large part of the settlement work, including on a turn-key basis.

All clearly visible damage is repaired at a price specified beforehand; in the case of damage which becomes visible on removal, the customer is consulted and a price is specified beforehand. This prevents surprises and unnecessary discussions afterwards.
As soon as the parties have come to an agreement, the actual repair work can be carried out. This can be done "on site" or in our workshop in Oud-Beijerland. 

Welding, shot-blasting and coating
Welding, shot-blasting and as soon as possible coating. We prefer to carry out these essential operations in-house.
This ensures quality and efficiency and saves costs.

Our automated shot-blasting line and paintshop are fully air-conditioned.

Almost all paint systems can be applied in accordance with customer specifications, in the environmentally-friendly spray booth, which is where all the products eventually receive their protective coating and visual finishing touch.