Multi Trailer System

Transportation of general cargo and containers

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Multi Trailer Train systems

  • Short trains / Long trains
  • Carrying capacity up to 70 tonnes
  • In multifunctional models up to 45'
  • Models with skeletal, wooden or steel floors for both general cargo and containers


  • Lighting
  • Suspension
  • Custom-made to client specification


Houcon MTS trailer Specification  
MTS bumpcar trailers  Technical drawing 
TypeTTS-C-40'/60T BCTTS-C-45'/60T BC 
Total length A14.720 (incl. drawbar)15.515 (incl. drawbar)mm
Total width B2.8202.820mm
Platform height C1635 (empty)1660 (empty)mm
Number of wheels88nos.
Size of wheels315/80-R22,5315/80-R22,5 
Wheelloadmax. 8750max. 8815kg
Braking2-line pneumatic system2-line pneumatic system 
SteeringDual ball-race turntableDual ball-race turntable 
Turning radius - inner8.80011.515mm
Turning radius - outer13.50016.500mm
Max. speedloaded: 20 km/hloaded: 20 km/h 
 empty: 30 km/hempty: 30 km/h 
Axle track1.9201.920mm
Max. axle loadmax. 35.000max. 35.260kg