Quality Assurance

Quality assurance, warranty and after-sales service
Optimising business processes is a matter of constant concern to us. Systematic checks are a permanent feature of our business process, from the time when we receive an order to guidance on final delivery. But after delivery too. After-sales service is an important part of our business philosophy. It is not without reason that the word ‘service’ forms part of our name.

Quality assurance at Houcon Construction Services goes further than ISO standards. That is why we provide an extended warranty for all products and repairs.
A lifetime warranty is given for welding work. Other warranties run with the warranty period of the machine or equipment.

Houcon Construction Services on balance
However well Houcon Construction Services does its repair and production work, the customer will always be interested in delivery times and the financial and economic aspects of a project alongside the technical aspects.

Often these are, indeed, of decisive importance. Attention is paid to these aspects in the well-planned approach and in the execution of the projects and activities of Houcon Construction Services. Maximum efficiency is our constant goal, with regard both to the efforts of our employees and to the use of equipment and materials.

In close collaboration with the customer, all projects are discussed to make sure that everything stays financially under control too. The benefits of this policy are reflected in an attractive price for every customer who values the cost-benefit ratio correctly.

In brief, you can count on us as a good and reliable partner.