About the company

The main activities of Houcon Cargo Systems comprise the design, engineering and production of general cargo and container trailer equipment to client specifications.
Our engineering department possesses all the expertise and advanced techniques required to design and manufacture the most efficient transport equipment, together with you, the customer.

All Houcon activities combine expertise, craftsmanship and experience into high quality products at an acceptable price and low maintenance costs. A choice for Houcon Cargo Systems is a choice for reliability, quality and continuity. A future you can meet with confidence.

Our mission is simple and forceful: "Innovative and perfect quality production in close co-operation".

All the activities, from design to manufacture of the complete product are performed within the company - in accordance with ISO 9001 guidelines and methods, naturally.

Houcon Cargo Systems facilities and mentality
Houcon Cargo Systems is a well-equipped company with an inventive and high quality engineering team that uses the most advanced design, drawing and calculation facilities. Thanks to these modern techniques we are constantly able to take account of the desire for low maintenance costs and efficient use. Production, assembly preservation and testing are also all carried out under the same roof, so that the equipment is ready for use on delivery. Local distributors are selected for quality, reliability and pricing according to technical specifications and quality standards.

Houcon Cargo Systems, people who are dedicated to their work
Houcon Cargo Systems has a permanent and well-trained workforce. Our managers have an university education and extensive experience in the field of internal transport. The employees in the production on the shop floor are certified welders, constructional fitters, experienced assembly engineers and skilled paint sprayers.